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Currently I am a shameless Akushi fangirl. I attempt to draw doujin on the side but usually I get lazy and the projects die...le sigh...:iconwthewwplz:

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Ash! Good to "see" you again!
Good to "see" you again, Caesar :D! How are you?
Busy busy, Ash. *smile* Just started working a second job that has eaten up my drawing time. But it's temporary (2 months) and it's a creative opportunity. I couldn't pass it up! How are things going for you since we last "spoke"?
xDreamLoveCurex Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uhm so I noticed it's kinda hard for us to write on skype?:XD: Or maybe for me, that is.
So, I guess, let's write on dA because usually your answers on here are muuch longer.

So how are you? What are you doing? Have you already planned something for the break that's coming up?

Speaking for me:
Tbh...I kinda dislike my account here...It'd be so nice to start all over again and abandon everything 'til now and make a new account..When I look at my gallery and profile, everything I'm feeling is: Meh.... ~____~
But on the other hand, I don't want to abondon my nickname by you... I dunno.
Lolol. Sorry I've just beeen so so so busy. 

It's up to you. Honestly I love your art and I don't think any of your art is "meh." As long as you still talked to me from your new username I would be fine with the name change ;)
xDreamLoveCurex Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're always busy xDDD but so am I... Time flies like crazy,
it's already February and I feel like University started a month ago
when it actually started in in October...
So it's okay as long as we still write messages and stuff.

:iconcraiyuiplz: Whoa thank you, that's so sweet of you. I kinda hate on
my art because I'm weird like that, so that sentence made me happy. Thanks, dear.

I kinda thought about changing my account and I've come to the conclusion,
that it was just a weird phase...changing it is too much work and I don't have
this much time and I'm kinda attached to it.

Would you like to talk about yourself? xD I kinda feel like we're becoming
strangers because of lack of time.
Lolol no no. Make sure to remind me if you change your accounts.

And sure. Lol. Sorry I've just been so busy with school and stuff. I haven't had a lot of time to draw for deviantart unfortunately :/ 

Uh. I don't really know what to say. Why don't you ask me some things and I'll try to answer? (send me note?)
Ms. K! Thank you for stopping by my page.
Oh no problem! And please call me Ash.

I love your art style! Its so detailed and colorful :O
Very nice of you to say, Ash. *smile* I've done a lot of work for the roleplaying game industry...and those dedicated Gamers demand DETAILS! So...I try to give them what they want.  It's often the details that spark the most imaginative game-play.
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